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    CN artboard has created on of our most exciting applications designed with artist in mind and has revolutionalized what artist can do with their personal art. We call it C-Card. this group is for artist everywhere who want to do more with their artwork th...  more
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    This group is for those tanlented individuals that are FED UP with their Boss, Job or their Life. If you have that God Given Gift of Art then lets be each others crutch. Inspire each other, motivate each other when we're ready to give up. Let this be our ...  more
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    Between pictures and sounds and tastes, the senses united to kind the perception. Coloured by the heart and soul because the spoken language of the native tongue, replica watches breitling the subconscious from the conscience combine as droplets together ...  more
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    It's only for people who share the love for warrior cats like me.
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    á...  more
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    It was Messi's second hat-trick in a row as he became the second highest scorer in La Liga history, moving ahead of former Real striker Hugo Sanchez onto 236 goals.
    The Argentine also became the all-time top scorer in Clasicos with 21 goals, beating Real ...  more
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