About Us

Artrise: Where Art Meets Social Networking

Artrise gives artists a social networking website and artists gallery in one place. Founded by part businessmen, part artists, we get the art industry; we understand the art network. Other, more generic social networking websites weren't cutting it for artists. We needed a better way to showcase an artist gallery and connect with other artists - all types of artists. We couldn't find one, so we created one.

We founded artrise in 2010 to fill the gap in the art network's social experience. We developed a social networking website for artists to interact with the art industry. We created the artist gallery so you could showcase your portfolio. We added resources for art events and art jobs so you can expand you influence. We wanted one social networking website that would become the home to everyone in the art network, all artists and art industry professionals alike.

We hope to evolve and engage artrise as the art network changes, and we want to know your feedback. Feel free to contact us.

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